O Lord, Great Spirit. Hear your children, as we ask you to send us your Healing energy. That we might help to heal our loved ones, and all those on healing lists everywhere, who are suffering at this time. We ask you in and through the name of your son, Jesus the Christ, whose light brings peace and comfort to us all.



Spiritual Healing plays a huge part in this way of life, not only in our hearts and prayers, but also in our daily lives, where we give Absent Healing by remembering our loved ones who are sick and suffering in mind, body, or spirit. We call upon the energy of the Christ Light to send them the Healing they need. Healing can also be given by touch, or the “laying on of hands” provided the person suffering has requested or agreed to it.

Praying handsA Healing Prayer.

(by White Eagle – Jesus Teacher and Healer)

O Lord,beloved Master,thou wilt touch the sick and ease all pain.

Thou wilt give hope and inner peace to the weary and thou wilt give comfort to the sad and lonely.

Thou wilt build a bridge between hearts and between states of life so that there will be no separation, but all will meet in the heart of Christ and thus will they be healed.


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